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Committee for Culture of Saint Petersburg
Supported by
Committee for Culture of Saint Petersburg
The Summer Festival of Arts "The Access Point" is one of the biggest event of site-specific art in Europe, a large celebration of contemporary culture that takes place annually in St. Petersburg, Russia. It gives panoramic view of the non-conventional kinds of theatre, contemporary fine and interdisciplinary arts paying its special respect to the immersive and site-specific productions. The festival attracts high attention of professional and local community.
Programme 2019
by Yuriy Sorokin
CTI Transformator (Moscow)

Volatile Aromatics
by Elina Kulikova
CTI Transformator (Moscow)

by Semyon Stupin / Vasili Butkevich
Masterskaya Brusnikina (Moscow)

I Walk Across Moscow
by Semyon Serzin
Invisible theatre (St. Petersburg)

by Ilya Moschitskiy

Closed Day
Kvartira Project (St. Petersburg)

by Maxim Karnauhov and Roman Osminkin
Theatre on the Go (St. Petersburg)

PERFOMSK. Summer Vibe
by Artyom Tomilov
Perfobufet (St. Petersburg)

by Artyom Tomilov
Perfobufet (St. Petersburg)

All Triggers Are Just About Love
by Elina Kulikova
Perfobufet (St. Petersburg)

With a regular shape stone
by Artyom Tomilov
Perfobufet (St. Petersburg)

[There Was my Home]
by Petr Chizhov

Last Mason
by Danil Vachegin, Maxim Kosmin Alexander Artyomov, Nastasya Khruschova, Liza Savina
OPG of Good Deeds (St. Petersburg)

LADLE, the project
by Stepan Pekteev

[see naples]
by Stepan Pekteev
Theatre Ceh (St. Petersburg)

Living Flows
Arctic Art Institute (Arkhangelsk)
Samovarteateret (Norway)

How We Got Drunk with Seryozha
by Sergey Pan'kov
Chill_ka (St. Petersburg)

by Kolya Russky
Modern theater workshop (St. Petersburg)

Fast Sleep Phases
by Dmitriy Shubin
Sonud Theatre (St. Petersburg)

Better than Dior
by Alexandra Abakshina and Alina Shklyarskaya
Maailmanloppu (St. Petersburg)

by Maxim Fomin

Behind the Line
Studio Theater "On Gorokhovaya" (St. Petersburg)

Оne-act Performances Evening
by Ksenia Mikheeva

How to be kind when everything is so expensive?
by Sofia Dymshyts

Man-Made Stream
by Elizaveta Nekrasova
Yulia Kleiman,
curator of the educational program

The Educational program has become an integral part of "The Access Point" festival, highlighting the need for the theatrical community to reflect on recent transformations of modern theatre. Over the past ten years, a significant metamorphosis has occurred in the domestic theatrical landscape, largely dictated by the restrictions of state institutions. Thus, the situation when the young generation was doomed to risk returned life to the theatre. Independent theatre associations became the foundation upon which the quantity and the quality of social, site-specific, documentary projects (and, of course, their modifications) grew and the word "experiment" lost its meaning. The question "why is it theatre?" has almost disappeared from the current agenda, and the right to be considered a theatre was won back by any event created for the audience. On the one hand, modern theatre demonstrates the willingness to work with the new technologies, on the other, it seeks opportunities for direct communication with and among the audience. It is no coincidence that today the already created performance is replaced by something that unfolds through a process and participatory, and the hierarchical system of its production is replaced by horizontal. The boundaries between different kinds of art are also becoming blurred. Obviously, there will be more and more interdisciplinary projects in the near future.

However, it is easier to sense tectonic shifts having only the experience of an academic school, than to put them into practice or develop tools for analyzing such difficult to fixate matter. The idea of the Educational program-2019 was born from the request for new competencies. It will allow both practitioners and theorists to gain first-hand knowledge. People with undying curiosity and sensitivity to a rapidly changing reality are invited to give lectures and organize master classes in St. Petersburg. The festival invites everyone to attend the lectures. The master classes will be held for 60 lucky participants who have passed a rigorous competitive selection. After the large group study, participants will form teams to create projects within the site-specific laboratory, which is the second stage of the Educational program. Symbolically, the program will be held in The Herzen State University. The sketches will be created and shown here, in the most unexpected spaces. The future will become closer.

At The New Stage
of Alexandrisky theatre

15 July 17:30 Marina Davydova

16 July 11:00 Dries Verhoeven

16 July 17:30 Stefano Ricci and Gianni Forte

17 July 11:00 / 19 July 13:00 Arnold Aranson

17 July 17:30 Bodil Alling

17 July 19:00 Gian-Maria Tossati

18 July 17:30 J. Ed Araiza
In the framework of the international Theatre Olympics 2019
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