City of Shadows
Автор фотографии: Елена Яровая
Point of start:
The New Stage of Alexandrinsky theatre
Aprox. 2.30 hours
2 500 ₽
in Russian
A theater play, a concert and a bus tour around St. Petersburg put all in one. Anton Adasinsky does not reveal the course and the final point of the journey but promises to transfer the audience to the era of "youth" of visual theater and performance and introduce them to its characters and major events.
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16 July
17 July
"City of Shadows" is a theatrical action, a bus trip and the author’s concert at the same time.

The audience get on a regular bus but find themselves in the "head" of Anton Adasinsky and set off on a journey with him. All the pictures around are strange and not familiar and the final destination is not known. The action takes place in the youth of Adasinsky where he tells fairy tales and myths of the world from which he has emerged. "This is my city, my cocky youth, walk-through yards. And whatever happens to me now, the wet walls of St. Petersburg will always retain the shadows of the youth of my world. "

The performance contains poetry and music of Adasinsky, stories about the formation and development of his views, ideas, artistic concepts. This is the case when documentary history becomes the basis for a full-fledged theatrical work inscribed in the space of a particular city — St. Petersburg.

"City of Shadows" - the premiere of the first part of a large project by Anton Adasinsky "Ticket to the Divine Comedy". And the first performance in St. Petersburg of his new project "Sisters of the Mind", created immediately after legendary theater Derevo had brokedown.
Команда проекта
Production The project of Anton Adasinsky "Laboratory DEREVI" and "Sisters of the Mind" special for the V Summer Festival of Arts "The Access Point"

Idea and implementation Anton Adasinsky
Design, technical support Alisa Kulish, Kirill Borovik

Sound, lyrics, dance
Anton Adasinsky
Performance Makhina Dzhuraeva, Elena Rusina, Anna Finko, Daria Komlyakova, Alexandra Vukolova, Margarita Ugolnikova, Leonid Nechaev
How to get there?
Point of start:
The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre,
Fontanka River Embankment, 49А
Metro station
Metro «Nevsky prospekt», «Gostiny dvor»
Walk from the metro
10 minutes